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Santa Rosa Junior College Athletics

Women's Basketball: Bear Cubs fall to Delta on the road

Women's Basketball: Bear Cubs fall to Delta on the road

            The Bear Cubs (7-8, 1-0) traveled to Stockton for their first Big 8 Conference road game. The San Joaquin Delta College Mustangs (12-4, 1-0) are the defending Big 8 Champions and began the week ranked #5 in the North. The Bear Cubs were hoping to keep the game close and it couldn't have been much closer. The Mustangs scored the first five points of the game before Amber Hart finally sank the Bear Cubs' seventh shot at the 16:32 mark. The Bear Cubs made 8 out of 12 shots during the next 13 minutes to take a 27-24 lead. But they only made one of their final four shots of the half, as the Mustangs finished with a 7-2 run to go into the locker room ahead 31-29.

            The Bear Cubs started the second half with the ball and Jenna Dunbar scored on a baseline drive to tie the score. The Mustangs retook the lead on a pair of free throws. Their first six points of the half came on free throws--all by the same player, Selina Moore. After a couple of 3-pointers and 7 more free throws, the Mustangs extended their lead to 58-51 with 5 minutes remaining. Taylor Graham sank two free throws a minute later, then Vai Thompson made a 6-footer, closing the gap to 55-58 with 3:20 on the clock. Sixteen seconds later Moore was fouled again and made both free throws. Jenna Dunbar answered with a 3-pointer at the 2:45 mark to pull the Bear Cubs to within two points, 58-60. Neither team scored until Alicia Mehtlan was fouled on a shot with 1:19 remaining. She made the first free throw but missed the second. Taylor Graham came up with the ball in the battle for the rebound and the Bear Cubs called a timeout before the Mustangs could tie her up. After play resumed, the Bear Cubs ran a play as diagrammed, but their 3-point shot just missed. The Mustangs worked for a shot and Moore was fouled on a drive. She made both free throws for a 62-59 margin. The Mustangs called a timeout. The Bear Cubs inbounded and pushed the ball. Jenna Dunbar drove and was fouled. She made both free throws with 8 seconds left on the clock, leaving the Bear Cubs behind 61-62. Following a Bear Cubs' timeout the Mustangs inbounded to Moore who drew a foul as the Bear Cubs tried to tie her up. She made the first free throw. Her second missed and Vai Thompson grabbed the rebound. The Bear Cubs called their final timeout with 4 seconds to play. The Bear Cubs only needed a field goal or two free throws to tie but couldn't get either as time expired, giving the host team a 63-61 victory.

            The Bear Cubs made a good percentage of their shots (44%), but their 24 turnovers limited their attempts to 45 for the game. They made 20 out of 45 shots compared to the Mustangs making 19 out of 64. In the second half the Bear Cubs made 10 out of 14 free throws, but the Mustangs made 18 out of 22. The hosts grabbed 20 offensive rebounds, while the Bear Cubs only grabbed 4. Moore was their leading scorer with 16 points, including 11 out of 14 from the free throw line.

            Jenna Dunbar was the Bear Cubs' leading scorer with 15 points. Taylor Graham scored a season-high 11 points and passed for 4 assists. Brooke Santander added 8 points, Alicia Mehtlan 7, Amber Hart and Vai Thompson 6 each, Niambi Saint Louis 5, Brittney Rachuy 2, and Anne Studdert 1.