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Santa Rosa Junior College Athletics

Directions & Parking


1501 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa CA 95401

From the north:
Travel south on Hwy 101. 
Exit at Steele Lane turnoff. 
At stoplight, make left turn onto Steele Lane. 
Proceed east-bound on Steele Lane to Mendocino Ave. 
Turn right on Mendocino Ave. 
At intersection of Pacific Avenue and Bear Cub Way, turn right onto Bear Cub Way.

From the south:
Travel north on Hwy 101. 
Exit at College Avenue turnoff. 
At stoplight, make right turn onto College Avenue. 
Proceed east-bound on College Avenue to Mendocino Ave. 
Turn left on Mendocino Ave. 
At intersection of Pacific Avenue and Bear Cub Way, turn left onto Bear Cub Way. 

Click here for a Campus Map.


Parking permits are required seven days a week 24 hours a day on all District properties.  Daily parking permits are available in each parking lot for $4.00 a day and can be purchased at the permit machines located in each parking lot. Citations for no current permit cost $45 dollars each. Parking in a disabled parking space without a DMV issued disabled placard is subject to a $275 fine.


Paid Parking
Fees are required seven days a week 24 hours a day. Under 72247 of the California Education Code, all parking on a community college campus is subject to payment of a specified fee. All faculty, staff, and students who park vehicles on college property shall pay parking fees. This applies to all instructional classes, activities, business callers, or visitors unless furnished with a courtesy parking permit or a CURRENT daily permit purchased from one of the permit machines. This requirement includes students, staff, and faculty with a disabled person placard or plates.

Short Term/Visitor Parking
Daily permits, valid for the calendar day they were purchased, may be obtained for $4.00 from permit machines located in all lots. Metered spaces are valid only when time is showing. The fee for parking in a metered space is $1 per hour with a 1-hour maximum. Parking permits are not valid in metered spaces. If permit machines or parking meters are not working, report machine number and location to District Police at 527-1000.

Staff Lot Control Gates

Some staff reserved parking lots are controlled by access control gates. These gates are installed in order to control access by unauthorized persons. If you are a staff member assigned to one of these lots with a control gate, you will be issued a gate access card. This will control the gate to the lot that you are assigned to. There is a service fee (non-refundable) for gate cards which are lost or stolen. Staff may park in an alternate staff lot after 3 PM.

Students shall park their vehicles only in a parking space designated by two WHITE LINES. Possession of disabled person plates or a disabled person placard does not allow students, staff or faculty exemption from the payment of fees in a fee paid parking lot.

Parking meter spaces are available on campus for visitors. Student parking permits and/or the courtesy parking permit are not valid in metered spaces.