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Santa Rosa Junior College Athletics

Celebrating 2023 All-Conference Selections

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Santa Rosa Junior College's volleyball team has been on fire this season, and three outstanding sophomores have been recognized for their exceptional skills and contributions. Sofia Lopez, Daya Mosqueda, and Aleah Molina have not only secured their spots as key players on the team but have also been honored with All-Conference selections, showcasing their remarkable talent and dedication on the court.=

#1 Sofia Lopez: Dominating as Outside Hitter

Sofia Lopez, a dynamic outside hitter, has been a force to reckon with this season and has earned her first 1st Team All-Conference selection. Her agility, power, and strategic plays have been instrumental in the team's success. With incredible consistency and fierce attacking, Lopez has consistently delivered game-changing performances as a six-rotation player. She has been able to carry a heavy load, both defensively and offensively, making her a huge part of the team's success. 

#2 Daya Mosqueda: Steadfast as Libero

The team's backbone on defense, Daya Mosqueda, has shone brightly as the Libero, earning back-to-back 1st Team All-Conferences selections. Mosqueda's agility, reflexes, and strategic positioning have made her a standout player in the conference, leading all players in total digs and digs-per-set. Her uncanny ability to anticipate opponents' moves and deliver crucial saves has been pivotal in securing opportunities for the team. Her consistent performances and leadership on the court have been an inspiration to her teammates, earning her well-deserved recognition among the conference's elite players.

#18 Aleah Molina: Dominating the Middle Blocker  

Aleah Molina, the formidable middle blocker, has been a dominating presence at the net this season, earning herself a 2nd Team All-Conference selection. Her combination of powerful attacking and strategic blocking abilities has made her tough to contain. Molina's All-Conference selection reflects her outstanding performance as a key offensive and defensive asset for the team. Her ability to disrupt opponents' attacks while contributing as the most effective attacker has been crucial in the team's victories. Molina's dedication and hard work have undoubtedly made her a standout player in the conference.

Celebrating Team Excellence

The recognition of Sofia Lopez, Daya Mosqueda, and Aleah Molina as All-Conference selections is not only a testament to their individual skills but also a reflection of the team's overall excellence this season. Their contributions, along with the collective efforts of the team, have propelled the team to a 4th place finish in the hotly contested Big 8 Conference. Other sophomores moving on after this season include Gea Foggetti and Nailea Flores, both individuals who played important roles in the starting rotation. 

The #10 Bear Cubs fought hard and lost in the 2nd round of the Northern California Regional Playoffs to #7 West Valley College in 4 sets.