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Santa Rosa Junior College Athletics

Men's Soccer relies on team connections to get through fire disaster.

team photo

On Friday, the 20th of October, the Santa Rosa Junior College Men's Soccer team met at the campus to embark for Healdsburg High School to train. The training field was new territory from what the players were used to back at the JC. The grass was damp, muddy, long and thick. The Cubs did there best to get a good training session in these conditions.

After training, the team made a quick stop for lunch at Big John's market before they made their way to the cabin, which was nearby Healdsburg High, for a team getaway. At Big John's market, the players purchased their lunch while Coach Kinahan bought groceries for that night's dinner and morning's breakfast. After the difficult time finding parking near the cabin, the players settled into their home for the day. A nearby river gave the players a great view and a nice place to relax. Skipping rocks and rock stacking soon turned into competitions with everyone having a competitive mind set. After the shenanigans with the rocks, everyone got together in a group to announce what they were appreciative for.

After the deep conversations, the players headed back to the cabin for more competitive activities. With multiple Jenga games, classic checkers, and table tennis tournament, the team felt more united than ever. Redshirt Samuel Alatorre, was the head chef of the night while the other redshirts helped prepare a delightful meal for the rest of the players. At the cabin everyone had an outstanding time getting to know there teammates more than they already did. The overnight experience gave the team a chance to bond with one another and talk to players who they normally didn't talk to.

After a day of training and getting together with their brothers, the soccer team was ready to give back to the Santa Rosa community. On Saturday, October 21st, the team
went out to help the SRJC culinary greet and pass out food for those in need after the devastating fires. Hearing people acknowledge the team for their support gave everyone a motivation boost to continue to volunteer in the future. On October 22nd, full of energy, the men's soccer team headed to the Santa Rosa Junior College to train indoors. Motivated on the games ahead, the team trained hard to get back to normality.